Aside from its clever title, the seventh track on the album, “Bad mood rising”, stands out as a soon-to-be favourite and a potential earworm. South African colloquialisms are easily recognised in the lyrics of the song and bring a sense of home to the track. This is interspersed with the interference of a few impressively gritty guitar strums.

The drum presence on “45”, the final track of the album, featuring Francois van Coke and Jed Kossew, brings the album to a close in a high-energy and memorable way. This song is sure to be stuck in your head for a long while after listening.

When listening to the album, you can tell that it has been carefully crafted from a wide variety of influences and perhaps this is reflected in the wide array of guest artists featured on the album.

This album is distinctly South African and is on par with international standards. Extra Ordinary is as diverse as the country it was made in, and definitely is an album that the South African music scene can be proud of.


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