1 Common sense. There’s a reason why this is number one. Not every idea is a good idea, especially when it comes to trying to win competitions or sponsored giveaways.


2 Bread rolls. You can never have too many bread rolls, especially the cheesy kind. However, keep the packet closed so you don’t end up with crusty, circular, dust-flavored rusks.


3 Sun defence. The sun is even more aggressive than 2016 featured American metalcore band August Burns Red, so be sure to pack everything from sunscreen and after-sun to lip ice and a wide brimmed hat.


4 Wet wipes. These can be traded like gold so make sure you have the upper (and cleaner) hand and bring these, as well as a couple of extra rolls of toilet paper to keep you out of trouble.


5 A lighter. You might not smoke but your new friend will. Be a mate and have a light.


6 Black bags. Rubbish doesn’t evaporate in the campsite and it is disgusting to sit in your own filth. For your tent mate’s sanity, bring a roll of black bags to pop your used wet wipes into. Bonus: a black bag can also double as a raincoat on the very off-chance that it rains.


7 Extra socks. Everyone thinks of the gum boots but no one remembers what goes inside of them. Pack more than enough socks, especially if you aren’t a fan of tick bite fever and nasty blisters. Same goes for clean undies.


8 Padlock. People aren’t out solely to steal hearts at Oppi. Sometimes they are after your cellphone, camera, and even alcohol. It may seem excessive but make sure to secure your tent when you aren’t nearby.


9 Tent poles. Never assume that tent bag = tent poles.


10 Spade. This comes as a well-groomed life hack from Oppi attendees. Often at night the temperature dips low enough for a hole in the ground to double up as a beer fridge.  

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