This is because we’re actually starting to burn out after many long weeks worth of work and sitting in the office until 16:30 every Friday. You may have noticed that this editorial may seem a bit purposeless and random. This is symptomatic of this burnout. In fact, the head copy editor is busy dictating my editorial to me. He has now taken over. I am just really out of ideas, so I’m going to keep on rambling and using completely unnecessary elaborations and useless adjectives until the editorial is completely, utterly and irrevocably full.

He has now given control of the keyboard (of power) back to me.

Ever have a week like this? I bet you have.

Here at Perdeby, we understand. And while we strive to maintain a serious tone for the paper, sometimes we just need a bit of fun because we’re human and we face issues like stomach bugs, termite infestations, Fego running out of ice cream, poor group work, editorial writers block, etc. (I couldn’t think of a last example), just like you.

If you are in need of a laugh please head over to our Fun and Games page and have a look at the hilarious (and outrageous) Google searches that direct people to the Perdeby website search box. If you need to vent, please keep writing me letters. We like to hear what concerns our readers. It also means we’ll be able to ensure we cover the issues that are most relevant to you, the students.

What happens if you work at an office of suck-ups? Everyone keeps a-green with you.

Thank goodness I don’t.


Michal (and Herman)  

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