Maybe you don’t feel like the SRC or management have a huge influence over you as a student in this regard, but what this article actually highlights is that we need to question everything to find the truth behind a situation instead of passively accepting the actions of those in leadership. If infringements in this situation go unnoticed, what else have we missed?

If there is something you would like to investigate or an issue you would like us to give a voice to, please send us an email so that we can do some digging (my email address is Together we can demand better transparency from powerful people in situations that matter, allowing students to feel assured that their institution and leaders serve them rather than the other way around.

Between all the investigative activities, our other journlists have put together some other very interesting and entertaining articles. Be sure to read the feature on spinning on page 7, our interviews with UP students Amu Mhlaba and Sean Muza on page 6 and 8 respectively, and our article on our successful UP hockey players on page 11. We apologise for the lack of a Fun and Games page this week, but the crossword and poll will be back as usual next week.

All the best for your semester test results, imminent exam prep and last minute assignments, and don’t forget that if you know something, say something (prefereably to us).


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