Every month, Tings ‘n Times lines up a bunch of stand-up comedians for some unashamedly politically incorrect laughs. Warning: Tings comedy nights contain sex, swearing, politics and sensitive issues – lots of them.

“I went through a difficult time: I was addicted to soap. But I’m clean now.”

This was one of the jokes the comedian Chris Forrest used on stage at a recent comedy night. The rest of the comic subject matter that night varied from red hair, Julius Malema, diving kits and G-spots to a joke about a liver turned Catholic.

“I heard tomatoes are good for your prostate – bit of a mission getting them in though,” was another joke that went around that night.

The Tings comedy shop is hosted by Chris Forrest, who, with his Drew Carey appearance, monotone delivery and dry humour, keeps the audience giggling month after month. Various guest performers share the stage with Forrest, making every comedy shop night a fresh opportunity to laugh off a month’s worth of seriousness.

Comedy shop nights take place every last Wednesday of the month at Tings ‘n Times in Arcadia Street. Cover charge is R30.

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