Brian Clough 


Clough was and still is known as the most successful English-born manager, winning league titles as well as European Cups (now known as the Champions League) with Nottingham Forest. He was asked what he thought of himself as a football manager and he replied, “I wouldn’t say I was the best manager in the country, but I’m in the top one.”



Bill Shankly

Bill Shankly is best known for his time at Liverpool. He took charge when the team was in the second division and he rebuilt the team into a major force in English football. He led Liverpool to the first division in 1962 before going on to win three league titles, two FA Cups and one Uefa Cup. His most famous quote is, “Some people think football is a matter of life and death, I am very disappointed with that attitude. I assure you, it’s much, much more important than that.”



José Mourinho

After Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said that Mourinho was afraid of failure and that was why he was struggling to deal with the fact that Chelsea didn’t win anything last season, the Portuguese manager retorted that Wenger is a “specialist in failure,” and Mourinho is not. “So if one supposes he’s right and I’m afraid of failure, it’s because I don’t fail many times. So maybe he’s right. I’m not used to failing. But the reality is he’s a specialist because, eight years without a piece of silverware, that’s failure. If I did that in Chelsea I’d leave and not come back to London,” Mourinho said.



José Mourinho, again

Probably the most famous quote in footballing history, Mourinho said on his arrival to the Premier League in the 04/05 season: “We have top players and, sorry if I’m arrogant, we have a top manager. Again, please don’t call me arrogant because what I say is true but I’m European champion [after winning Champions league with Porto] and I think I am a special one.”




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