1. House sitting –While all your friends are spending time together, you’re confined to someone else’s house without their Wi-Fi password, a pesky animal to keep you company and the fear that if you do invite said friends over, they break your aunt’s prized vase.
  2. Child minding at Spur – Sure you’re getting paid, but painting snotty pizza faces and reasoning with paranoid moms isn’t worth the money.
  3. Summer school – Especially if it’s chemistry.
  4. Family projects – Building 1000 piece puzzles or retiling the bathroom are basically the same skill. And who exactly needs that skill?
  5. Reading English setworks – Anyone who has ever attempted to read Heart of Darkness or Tale of Two Cities will understand the need for an updated, well-produced, comprehensive movie version.
  6. Visiting newly discovered family members – Especially if they turn out to be part of a cult … or vegetarian.
  7. Getting sunburnt – Crispy bacon is supposed to be edible, not mobile.
  8. Job hunting – Graduation is scary. Compiling a CV even more so. Mostly because Life Orientation never bothered to teach you how to do it.
  9. Being accidentally locked in res – Mainly for the food issue. Loneliness shouldn’t be too much of an issue due to the undeniable rat infestations. (See pesky animal, point 1).
  10. Locked in a foreign jail – Going to Indonesia seemed like a great idea, right?
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