True to director Michael Bay’s style, the visual effects are amazing. Nuts, bolts and other pieces of machinery from cars and robots alike are flung at your face. The actors look perfect while the Autobots have never looked as photo-real as they do in this movie. The fast pace, and the loud and obnoxious elements, which are synonymous with Bay, make the movie an action hit.

This is the feel for at least the first hour or so. Thereafter, the perfect veneer wears off and the cracks in the incoherent plot lines begin to show and the  noise and visual assaults seem to be a distraction to mask it.  

The movie is 165 minutes long, but it feels even longer as there are only so many times you can watch one robot hit another. Furthermore, moments of excitement are passed over in what seems to be a rush to cram the story into a bearable amount of viewing time.

Many hoped that Mark Wahlberg’s contribution to the movie would transform its reputation for bad product placements and lack of a genuine story or characters, into that of a promising endeavour to break the cycle. Unfortunately, this hope was in vain.


Rating: 2/5

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