The Thing About Cassandra

Successful artist and model Stuart Innes reunites with his two best friends from high school. One of them then mentions being contacted by Stuart’s first girlfriend, Cassandra. The story is built upon various twists and builds characters up only to break them down in the course of the 17 page story. It is a deeply satisfying read that is sure to cause shock once completed.


Down to a Sunless Sea

An old woman who wanders up and down the Thames tells her story to the reader while they both shelter beneath an awning. She tells the reader of how the sea stole her husband, her son and her lover. It’s a grim tale with unexpected yet natural twists which is masterfully told.


Adventure Story

This unsettling tale is told by the subject’s mother and centres around her husband, or rather around a keepsake that he had brought home from Kazakhstan. It begins grounded, but then strays into the psychedelic. The language usage and narrative structure build upon these themes and lead readers merrily by the hand into the mouth of madness.


(Third Subject’s Responses to Investigator’s Questionnaire) EYES ONLY

This interestingly titled story is told through the medium of answers absent of questions. It is another tale of insanity, causing readers to wonder if if Gaiman himself is insane.

Overall, each story is disturbing in its own unique way and the stories will perturb readers in different ways, which is what makes the title of the anthology so functional. It is a fascinating read and is sure to be enjoyed by fans of Gaiman’s work.



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