A closet refresh is something that everyone needs every now and then. Everyone has felt bored with their clothes at one point or another. There are plenty of ways to update your style without spending a lot of money, especially now when the COVID-19 crisis is putting a financial strain on everyone.

  1. Try out some DIYs

There are many ways to DIY a piece of clothing, so the best idea is just to let your imagination take over. From painting to embroidering, to cutting, the options are endless.

The easiest way to add some new life to clothes is to bleach them. There are two ways to use bleach on your clothes. The first way is the traditional tie-dyeing method, and a quick YouTube tutorial will give you the correct technique. Another bleaching method is to use a paintbrush to create a more intricate design. However, be sure to choose a paintbrush you are willing to say goodbye to because the bleach will likely dissolve the bristles after a while. The best clothing to use for bleaching is denim and darker materials that the bleach will be visible on Pinterest, YouTube, and TikTok are full of clothing DIY ideas, and a quick search on there will provide you with endless inspiration and creativity.

  1. Go thrift shopping

Charity shops have recently started to open up again since lockdown forced many of them to close. Charity shops are great for finding new, extremely affordable clothing items as well as items for you to DIY. If you do not want to spend any money at all, another option is to host a clothing swap with your friends. You can do this while still social distancing by creating a WhatsApp group and sending pictures of the clothes you want to swap.

  1. Refresh your mindset

Sometimes all a closet need to be updated is a new set of eyes. A good way to change your perspective on your clothes is to ask someone else to style you. Seeing how somebody else would put your clothes together will give you new inspiration. Styling pieces together that you normally would not is also a good way to get inspiration. Layering is another option because putting different items of clothing together will give you that streetwear look without you having to spend any money.


Illustration: Marchall Potgieter



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