Have you done any other movies before?
No! This was actually my first job as a professional performer. I had just finished my degree when I landed the role.

Suurlemoen is an Afrikaans movie. Did you have a good grasp of the language prior to your role in the movie? If not, was it difficult to learn a new language?
My entire schooling was in Afrikaans, so I was in a kleuterskool, laerskool and hoerskool. At school Afrikaans was my home language, but it’s not my first or my second [language], but it wasn’t hard to learn at all, it’s in my blood.

Describe the overall experience of being in the film?
It was tiring, [because] it was a 12 hour work day, so if we start at six in the morning, which was most days, we’d wrap up at six in the evening. And we shot most scenes in Jo’burg, so we left Pretoria around 04:30, so you can imagine, it’s a hurry up and wait situation [because] you’d be there for call time, get dressed, made up and all, but only shoot your first scene around lunch. But it was great, and I enjoyed shooting most of the scenes.

What was the most challenging part of the experience?
[The early start to the day], and then it was during the time when it was raining a lot, so the rain disrupted [shooting] a little.

What was it like working with the other cast members?
That was beyond amazing! I knew most of them [because] we all study drama here at Tuks, so seeing faces you haven’t seen in a while is always great, and Chris Chameleon is just super awesome. He’s such a natural and so funny. The cast was brilliant to be around.

Monama is just one of the many talented individuals at Tuks making headlines. Suurlemoen is out in most cinemas around the country and is a must-watch for all who enjoy seeing local talent grow.

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