According to Maloyi, Tuks FM has the “most giving listeners” as listeners have shown unwavering support for their campaign every year. “Whatever we give is in the name of our listeners,” he added. The “overwhelming success” of last year’s campaign saw Tuks FM hand over a cheque to the deputy director of Student Affairs, Dr. Willem Jorissen, and Priscilla Malaza of the Student Nutrition and Progress Programme (SNAPP) on 2 June. “To put it simply, Tuks FM acts as the receiver of the donations,” Maloyi said. He then went on to explain that UP, through its channels, then dispatches the donations to the students in need.

Dr Jorissen, in the press release statement, shared his appreciation for the ongoing support from donors in the campaign. “These funds will be used to purchase non-perishable foods and toiletries for students in need and who do not have the financial capability of providing for themselves,” he said.

As Tuks FM is a campus radio station, Maloyi stressed that in essence, any company which advertises with Tuks FM directly funds students. “At Tuks FM, any money that we make eventually flows down to students,” Maloyi added.

“If you’re a company out there and you want to donate [to the Woolly Winter campaign] we will make sure to give you free publicity,” he added. This is an incentive for donors to respond to the campaign before 31 August in exchange for free exposure on air.

All goods can be dropped off at the Tuks FM studio on week days between 08:00 and 16:00.


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