The championship consisted of four major Taekwondo disciplines. The was Poomsae, which is more of an art form and consists of form motions. The breaking discipline of Kopko is where participants attempt to break boards in the different sub-categories of Tiachaki and Tiochaki. The third discipline is Kuruki, which consists of sparring between participants. The new addition to this year’s championship was Taekwondo Aerobics, where younger participants performed routines based on the motions of this martial art. The events started at 07:00 and went on until 22:00 on each day.

TuksTaekwondo competed against a variety of teams and organisations across the competition and was well represented, winning a number of medals across all disciplines and dominating in form events.

The Ambassador’s Cup is a diverse meeting place for individuals to showcase their skills at a professional level and it also serves as preparation for TuksTaekwondo for the upcoming year of competitions.

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