Students in residences are governed by the TuksRes guide which states that heads of residences may use their own discretion as to when students are removed from residences, however, at 34 weeks students are compelled to leave their residence. The TuksRes rule guide also states that students are not allowed to have sex in residences, which is why UP does not distribute condoms at residences.


When asked about the fact that there are no condoms supplied by the university, Sister Sibongile Mdletshe from Student Health Services said, “I think we are behind. According to my understanding we need to have condoms [at] residences, we need to have condoms in bathrooms, but it is something that we can’t just do without the approval of the university management.”


When asked about what steps the university is taking, Sister Coetzee said that, “The university is proud to announce the Amato services on campus at Hatfield.” Amato is a pregnancy counselling service which aims to assist students with counselling during their pregnancy. The service is located in the Roosmaryn building and takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 8:30 until 13:00. Appointments can be made at Student Health Services.


Sister Coetzee further stated that “Student Health Services has clinics [on] all the campuses and we supply free contraceptives from the state.” She added that, “We have the new three year implant at the clinic available … it lasts for three years, we have it here, [and] it is free of charge.” She urges students who need help or seek contraceptives to approach Student Health Services, “We have measures to actually assist the students and everybody so that they can perform academically, so that they can finish their studies, so they can come to us for prevention.”

Photo: Brendan Fraser



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