All work and no play not only makes Jack a dull boy, but student life dreary. Thank goodness for Spring Day! Wednesday 8 September was the day everyone had been waiting for to relax or party hard in the middle of the week without having to feel the tiniest bit guilty for missing class. Those who wanted a bit of relaxing and partying could find the best of both at the Tuks Rag Spring Day held at the Rag Farm. Although there was plenty of music, beer and boerewors rolls to be had, it definitely wasn’t just another music event on the social calendar.

The event had a mellow start, as many students lazily sprawled across the grassy slopes for most of the afternoon, relaxing to the sounds of SK95 and DJ Zee. Colourful female hip-hop dancers brightened up the stage and kept the crowd entertained. The party warmed up as The Josh, described by the MC as “the white boy with soul,” had everyone shaking what their mommas gave them.

By the time DJ Euphonik hit the stage, the place was jam packed and students were having a blast enjoying their Spring Day. Nthabiseng Monageng, second-year BEd student, agreed on the vibe saying, “It’s great! For a social event it’s the best and it unites people.” A festive mood was in the air as people posed for photos with the eye-catching promotion girls and danced together as the sun began to set.

As the evening approached, thousands more made their pilgrimage to the grounds. Queues at the entrance snaked all the way to the parking lot, but the atmosphere remained festive, despite the long wait to get in. Members of the Tuks Rag Committee ran themselves ragged at the gates, making sure no-one managed to sneak in, although there were many who tried their luck. The Committee’s head of publication, Aviona Mabaso, described the event as hugely successful: “This is madness! There are thousands of people here, we’ve had an amazing turn out.”

By the time Lection made it onto stage, the 5 000-strong audience was ready to dance. Amid the broken bottles and discarded plastic cups the relaxed afternoon crowd were replaced with a seething mass of dancers that seemed to move as one.

One of the surprise performances of the night was Ludik, a local band that likes to classify themselves as rockers, but really does everything from hip-hop to pop. Lead singer Stefan Ludik somersaulted his was around the stage, providing a wildly entertaining performance. However, he did seem to spend more time gyrating against the mike than singing into it. The ladies in the crowd were definitely not complaining though.

The grounds didn’t empty until the early hours of Thursday morning, while a few decide the best thing to do was simply sleep there. Although,“pass out” is probably a more apt description.

The Tuks Rag Committee can give themselves a pat on the back for a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable Spring Day. Perdeby is already counting down the days until next year’s event.

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