Cox made a heartfelt speech in front of the students in attendance. She described how the attack affected not only the Kenyan community but the world at large. She also described how she was affected by the attack on a personal level as the attack occurred while she was in Kenya and therefore witnessed the effect that the attack had on Kenyans.

A student who was not part of the proceedings stood up and gave an unrehearsed speech. In her speech, she thanked the student community for their solidarity in fighting for a good cause.

Michelle Kruger, the SRC member with the societies portfolio, reiterated the importance of the vigil, which she viewed as a platform to drive the message that “black lives matter”. She also spoke about the importance of education and stated that education and religion should not be intertwined but separated. Karabo Sekhukhuni, the SRC member with the academics portfolio, also echoed Kruger’s sentiments.

According to Sekhukhuni, a large number of students went to the Roosmaryn building after the vigil to sign the banner which the SRC provided as a symbol for people who gathered to express their willingness to stand against such attacks.

Cox said that she held the vigil in order to gain global awareness and prove to the world that black lives matter. She said that she, along with other international students, decided to take the initiative and not stand aside and watch while such incidents occur. She also explained the importance of spreading information to people as the attack could, in all likelihood, have occurred in South Africa and even at Tuks.


Photo: Carel Willemse



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