The University of Pretoria will be launching new student Gmail accounts on 23 July 2012 which will replace the current student email accounts.

The notice explained that the switch is necessary to meet the growing requirements of students and that the Gmail platform is more user-friendly than the current system. During the transition, students will still have access to their UP email accounts for at least three months. Students should note, however, that they will not be able to send or receive e-mails from their accounts during this period. A final decision regarding the closure of the UP system will be made after this period. There will be a welcoming email in every student’s Tuks Gmail account that will contain a process for students to follow if they want to copy their old mail to their new Tuks Gmail account. The email addresses of students will not change. The only change that will occur is the location of the mailboxes. Students will be able to access their Tuks Gmail accounts through the student portal. Access to Tuks Gmail will also be configured on mobile devices.

Students should take note that their Tuks Gmail account will be completely independent from their personal Gmail accounts. Every student’s Tuks Gmail account will still have the following format:

Advantages of using the Gmail service includes: an increased space limit of 25 GB per person as opposed to the current system’s space limit of 50 MB, the sending and receiving of messages up to 20 MB, and Google Talk which allows students to talk to fellow students and tutors.

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