Freddy Kgagane was mugged while walking on his way back from LC de Villiers to Arcadia on 19 February. He was attacked by three unknown men on Park Street just after Pretoria Girls High School. Kgagane told Perdeby that the street was quite dark as street lights were not on. The three men came out of nowhere and told him not to scream or otherwise he would die. One of the men poked him with a knife and instructed him not to make any noise.

Kgagane says that they took his cell phone and his bag which had his laptop. “They put me inside a car which had been waiting and drove me to Sunnyside. They dropped me off just outside the DTI [Department of Trade and Industry] building. They told me that they are police detectives and that they are just checking the area,” he said. They continued to tell him that they just wanted to see if students are being vigilant enough when it comes to muggings. Kgagane said that although he could see that the men were not police detectives by their lack of police uniforms and their not driving a police car, he was too shocked and scared to say anything.

“Although I did not go to the police that same night, when I did eventually go to report the matter at the Sunnyside Police Station, the lady who assisted me was very rude and asked why I had not reported the incident that same night. A case wasn’t even opened, they just gave me a ‘lost and stolen’ phone form to fill,” he said.

Kgagane told Perdeby that it was his third time walking to Arcadia and that if he has money he usually catches a bus. “The cancellation of the night bus service to Sunnyside and Arcadia is a disappointment. Its cancellation has affected me and I wish they could bring it back,” said Kgagane. He also said that although the university is doing quite a lot in terms of security on campus, he would appreciate it if something would be done to ensure the safety of students of those that live off-campus especially in places like Sunnyside and Arcadia.

Andile Nkonyane, a first-year LLB Law student and Taaibos resident, was mugged at gunpoint on 22 February on Duxbury Road around 17:00 while walking alone back to res. “When I exited the gate, a dark-complexioned guy came out of nowhere with a gun and requested for my laptop, cell phone and money,” he said. Nkonyane told Perdeby that the man was with a woman and that once they took his items they got into a car and left. “I’m not even sure if the car had been there all the time because the whole thing lasted a few minutes. It was like a movie.” He told Perdeby that he has not opened a case with the police because he does not think it will help.

Caitlin Cockeran, an English honours student nearly got mugged last week Monday. Two men approached her around 19:00 while she was waiting for a bus on the corner of Festival and Burnett Streets. She told Perdeby that the two men addressed her very formally and respectfully.

“When they came up to me I thought they were going to ask me for money because they were very polite. They then said to me that they didn’t mean to bother me but they are going to have to take my phone and my money. I laughed because I thought they were joking,” she said.

“One of the guys pulled out a knife and said that he didn’t want to make this violent but he would if he had to. So all he needed was my phone,” she added. Cockeran said that she did not respond for a couple of seconds as she was shocked and this seemed to make the man agitated. He continued to threaten her and say that he did not want to stab her but he would if he had to. A car approached the scene and the two men panicked and left.

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