With the SRC Elections looming, Perdeby went to find out what Tuks students had to say about the way their university is run. Unfortunately, it seemed that students were unenthusiastic about the elections and not particularly moved to vote.

Danny Jooste, first year Theology student, said, “I have no interest whatsoever in the SRC or the upcoming elections. I’m just not politically orientated.”

Jooste’s friend and fellow Theology student, Bianca Steyn, agreed, saying, “I just really don’t care, and they can’t do anything to make me care.”

Third year Communications Pathology student, Estienne Havenga, said, “I haven’t even thought about it.”

Cornelia Semmelink, who also studies Communications Pathology, expanded on her friend’s statement by saying, “They should get themselves noticed and they can keep us up to date on the student website and maybe on Facebook.”

It seems that others, too, agree that the SRC should market themselves better. Tumi Hlahane who is doing her second year of Psychology, said, “I’m honestly not going to vote, because they’re not really promoting it well. There are a lot of things the varisty isn’t doing for us academically and there are no channels of communication.”

Second year Political Science student, Ayanda Bandla, said, “I’m not going to vote, because for the two years that I’ve been here, the SRC has only been about acquiring the position and wearing the blazer. If they really wanted to change things, they would have. There are a lot of issues they could tackle but instead they choose to focus on parking. They need to focus on the high cost of food in residences and people who can’t finance themselves.” She went on to add, “We hardly ever see them and they’re not approachable.”

JJ Botha, who is in his second year of Multimedia Studies, was rather apathetic about the election, saying, “I don’t even know what the SRC stands for.”

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