Many of the services available on campus are found online or arrangements to utilise them are made online. Retrieving information and submitting also happens online, therefore ensuring that student’s online communication is active and effective is crucial.

There are a number of support centres that are available to assist students in the event that students have tech or computer literacy troubles. The University offers a compulsory module for all first-year students called AIM (Academic information management), which equips students with computer literacy skills that will assist in guiding them on the correct format for assignments when using Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

IT support, on the other hand, provides a variety of services that are related to either a student’s laptop, tablet, or smartphone, connecting to the university’s Wi-Fi, and assistance with downloading university Apps.

Another important service worth mentioning is Microsoft Office 365, which is a subscription plan that includes access to applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access. This subscription is usually priced at R1 119.00; however, Office 365 is free at the IT Support centre for UP students. The IT Support centre is located at the Student Centre, near the Piazza and students simply need to set up an appointment to get the help they need.

If students need assistance with logging into the Student portal, they may visit the IT support team or the library information desk for assistance. For printing services, the university uses TuksPrint. TuksPrint is a web and mobile-enabled system that allows you to submit and manage print jobs and manage your printing account from your smart mobile device or computer. Students load money onto their student cards to be able to use the printing machines on UP campuses. The TuksPrint office is available in the Merensky II Library and printing workshops will also be offered in the library. For students who do not have Laptops or smartphones, there are computers available for use at this library and in the computer labs. These computers are well equipped with all the important services that students will need to complete tasks.

The library information desk, IT Support Centre, the AIM labs and the IT building offers all the assistance you may need for your devices.

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