Among those that will feature in the championship are six Protea Archers, as well as Junior Tuks members who will be attending the Junior World Champs in Argentina later this year. The format for the competition will be structured as follows. The first day of the competition will be a 720 Ranking Round, followed by Individual Eliminations. The second day will then be another 720 Ranking round, followed by team events. The team events on the second day, however, will not count for points, but instead are organised with the objective of providing all archers participating with the opportunity to participate in a team event. Team events are not available to all archers as they usually only take place at the National Championships and at international events.

Protea Archers, Patrick Roux, Seppie Cilliers, Riaan Crowhter, Jeanine van Kradenburg, Danelle Wentzel, and Gerda Roux will be present at the tournament.

Ms Ilze Wicksell, the Club Manager at TuksArchery, spoke to Perdeby ahead of the upcoming Autumn Championships and said, “Archery as a sport has across the years become one of the fastest growing in the world. Target archery as a result has been rapidly growing in South Africa over recent years, with TuksArchery membership particularly showing exponential growth.”

The rest of the TuksArchery calendar will consist of the Winter Challenge during August and the Jan & Lala Championships in November. The TuksArchery club will also host four WA 720 tournaments throughout the year and three to four Indoor Tournaments at Action Archery in Kempton Park.

TuksAchery has had many great successes this year. These include the North Gauteng Tournament and the Provincial Championships that were held at the TuksArchery Range during February this year, which saw the largest number of paraplegic archers in the history of archery in South Africa take part in the event. 


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