Ashley Rainier, chairperson of TuksDance, produced the show and played the lead role. Rainier told Perdeby that the idea behind the performance is clearly observed when he starts painting the ideas of art in his mind. These ideas eventually start pulling him apart and he loses his mind.

Life of an Artist was directed by Tidimalo Peloakgosi, Estelle Fouche and Troy Zuma. Zuma told Perdeby that, “It is never easy to put on such an intriguing show although it was not as challenging because they were working with new artists but despite the challenges it was all a labour of love.”

The ideas were expressed through ballet, contemporary dancing and lap dancing. The usage of carefully chosen music and dramatic lighting contributed to the message being conveyed. Loud music and bright colours were used during the happy moments of the artist and rather darker colours and slow music was selected for the depressing moments of the artist.

Pietfrik Liebenberg, a BCom Financial Science student, says, “It was a great experience to be part of the dance as a dancer although it required a lot of practising to put together and perfect.”

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