On 23 March, TuksFM donated its profits from 2016 to the Student Representative Council (SRC). A total of R123 416 was handed over to the SRC.

Perdeby spoke to TuksFM’s station manager, Leanne Kunz, about the handover.

Kunz said, “As a community radio stationTuksFM’s purpose is not to make a profit but to enrich our community, a large part of which is the student fraternity of the University of Pretoria. As such, any revenue we make over and above our operating costs is ploughed straight back into the university to be used to enrich the lives of its students.”

Kunz explained that the profits that were donated came from advertising, events held for other clients and from activations both on and off campus.

TuksFM is also involved in other charity projects. Kunz said, “Tuks FM is community-driven so we aim to organise at least one charity drive (over and above the profit handover) every year to benefit our community. Our Woolly Winter campaign is one such initiative, although we are looking to reinvent it a little bit this year with a new drive to assist learners in the greater Tshwane area as opposed to collecting blankets for the needy. We will also look to conduct a Spring Cleaning initiative in September, which will aim to clean up the city’s streets.”

Kunz said that TuksFM will hand the profits that it has made in 2017 to UP later this year. Kunz said, “As Tuks FM’s license holder, the university is the beneficiary of all our profits, which are then used to benefit UP students.”


Photo: Henri Uys

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