The day kicked off with an early morning Fun Run at 8:00 and thereafter the Sports Day officially started. All UP residences were given the opportunity to take part in a variety of sporting items, from dodgeball to table tennis. Erika and Mopanie showed true excellence in all the activities, even though the day lacked any harsh competitiveness as the music and warm weather provided a cheerful atmosphere. The Chair Chase, a relay race where teams of six carry an individual on a chair-like contraption, ended off the Sport Day’s light-hearted competition.

With the completion of the Sports Day, a quiz between selected participants of each residence took place, while the rest finished setting up their stalls for the Gastronomy Challenge. The Gastronomy Challenge was a themed cooking and punch challenge. Residences were paired together and had to choose a country as a theme, and a stall serving  appropriate food and a punch for a panel of judges, had to be decorated. As the daylight faded and the evening chill started to creep in, the crowd shrunk significantly in comparison to the afternoon. Those that remained persevered against the cold and kept spirits high as the judges made their rounds. Inca was a definite favourite in the Gastronomy Challenge with their microwavable one-minute meals.

TuksRes Festival ended off on the Rag Farm with performances by some residence bands. Though the audience was very small, they seemed to have as much fun as those performing.

Lanché van Tonder, a manager at the Department of Residence Affairs and Accommodation, stated that they envisioned that TuksRes Festival would create a joyous atmosphere, rather than a fierce competition, and they believe this is exactly what happened. Regadring the future of the event he also said, “Being the first year this festival was hosted, it most definitely exceeded our expectations. This festival will grow into something that will include all students of the University of Pretoria; hopefully very soon!”

TuksRes Festival managed to create the opportunity for residence students to compete and socialise. In an angst-filled year concerning student culture, TuksRes Festival served as a quiet celebration of residence life and proved that comradery among students is still alive. 

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