Brown said that they will not choose specific students to be part of this academy, but that they will “go to the residence[s] and give an introductory lecture [on] the programme and the girls that would like to join can enrol [in] the academy.”

Thembani Mentor, a fourth-year medicine student and programme facilitator, said, “Leadership skills empower one to lead and manage themselves. When we are equipped with resources that help us reinforce, grow and improve who we are, our education can’t help but be affected,” when asked how she thinks empowering females will contribute or influence students’ academic performance.

Bes Liebenberg, manager of the TuksRes Leadership Training Academy, Residence Affairs and Accommodation, said, “On the one hand our vision at the training academy is to build and develop [women] who will serve the university in leadership structures so that [the] university, TuksRes and residences can benefit.”

Liebenberg said that ladies who are part of this academy will receive certificates that are recognised by the South African Qualification Association (SAQA) as “[they] are negotiating currently with a training company called AfricaSkillsVillage to help [them] get the content of this women in leadership programme accredited on the SAQA framework”.

When asked what she would like to see being achieved in female residences with the women in leadership academy, Sisana Machi, director of residences, said, “You can’t just wake up one morning and think that you’re going to be a leader … an academy like this one is where you start.”


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