You recently won the Namibia Amateur Championship. What was the experience like?

It’s an experience I won’t forget because it’s my first international win.


You competed against established golfers such as Caro Els. What was your approach to the championship?

It was great competing against her because I just pushed myself even more. I was ahead of her starting the last round. I just focused on what I [had] to do, make birdies and just keep my lead.


How do you feel about your performance at the championship?

I was really thrilled [that] the hard work paid off.


What was it like competing with golfers from other African countries?

It was fantastic. I have a few friends from Namibia and Botswana now so I got to meet [new people], which was great.


How do you look to build on this achievement?

My goal for the year is to be the number one amateur golfer in SA, so I’m really pushing myself for that.


What got you interested in golf?

My father. He is the one that actually introduced me to the game and that’s how I fell in love with [it] from a really young age. I started playing from the age of six.


How have you found the experience with TuksGolf so far?

I really love it. They work hard, which makes me work hard as well, which creates a good environment for you to reach your full potential.


You are a part of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrew’s. How has that impacted your golfing?

It’s great being a part of the [Royal and Ancient Golf Club] and it’s a bigger motivation knowing that I am part of it. Through this I am working on reaching my dreams.


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