Perdeby interviewed Megan Page on the TuksSquash team’s success at the USSA competition and her own performance.

TuksSquash have been one of the most consistent top performers at the USSAs. What would you attribute this to?
I believe our competitiveness at the USSA is a direct result of lots of hard work, a good training programme and dedicated players. We have a great training programme in place that is tailored and is continuously developing toward the needs of the players. Our support structure at TuksSquash is a strong one and is made up of a team of managers and coaches, which plays a huge role. Most importantly I think we have a lot of awesome players who are dedicated and proud to be part of TuksSquash, which makes it natural to try to do our best for ourselves as well as our university.


How do you feel about your own personal performance at the USSAs and your selection for the national team for the world championships?

I’m very honoured to have been selected for the university world team. I faced a lot of challenges with regard to an injury I had at the end of last year, and looking back over my journey since then, this didn’t even seem like a possibility. I definitely gave it my all in terms of my training to get back to a competitive level, and I’m pleased to say I tried my best in every match. I’m delighted with my performance and feeling very privileged to be part of the South African team.


What are some of your objectives leading up to the squash world championships?
I think the main aim would be to work on maintaining the standards we have set and improving in areas we’ve identified need improving. The benefit of having USSA prior to the championships is that it illustrated to us where we each individually need to improve. From my side, I think the plan is to perfect my shots, minimise my error rate and maintain and hopefully improve fitness and agility. A lot of dedication in other areas is obviously needed, so a healthy diet, hard training and mental preparation will hopefully lead to my best performance at the event.


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