The band will be performing at Oppikoppi this year. What can fans expect from the performance?
The idea is to perform as if time has stood still for a decade. Okay, so maybe we have picked up a few kg’s, but everything else will be as close as we can get it to its original state. Expect all the classics, all the noise and all the fun we can possibly muster!

What does it mean to the band to be performing at a momentous event such as Oppikoppi’s 21st birthday celebrations?
It means the world to us. We have a very long history with Koppi. In fact, our first proper recording was financed by the prize money we won at a battle of the bands at Oppikoppi [way] back in the day. You could say that was the start of it all for us, so to be back [there] on the James Phillips stage all these years later is very special for us. We are beyond excited!

You’ll be having a ten year reunion tour soon. What are your hopes for the tour?
This is really just a chance for a couple of old ballies to get together and relive the glory days. We expect nothing but loud music, cold beer and a chance to share this journey with the fans who made it possible for us all those years ago. [Whether] the shows are sold out or completely empty, we’ll be playing our hearts out and having a fat jol.


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