Great Divide, your latest album, has been receiving stellar reviews. Was there anything interesting or different during the album’s recording process that has made it different from your previous releases?
We made the record in two parts, which is something that we’ve never done before. The first part was made with [producer] Gil Norton in Wales. We spent a couple of months at this incredible house in the countryside and just really lost ourselves in the spirit of making a record. The second part was made with Jacknife Lee in his studio just outside LA. It was a real change of scene and it breathed life into the record at a really important time. It helped us transition from the band we were to the band we are now.

The band has had a very busy year, tour-wise. Have there been any standout tour moments so far?
We played some shows with Kings Of Leon in football stadiums which were hard to describe the scale of, but our own shows have been growing too and we played a show in our home city of Glasgow a couple of months ago which was like a real homecoming moment. The album had already had a life by this point, as we’d been travelling around the world with it, so to bring it home and celebrate it with our friends and family and ten thousand Glaswegians was a real life-altering night.


Photo: Dean Chalkly

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