How do you think GLA differs from your previous albums?

I think it’s more unique. We [have] spent the last few records trying to become songwriters and find our place in music and I think [for] this record we actually had the confidence to shake off our preconceptions and the rules of making a rock song and just finally be ourselves.


What part of the recording process stood out the most for you?

The tracking of the record. We wrote and tracked a lot of it at the same time. Sam and I were just throwing ideas at the computer with Jacknife Lee, our producer, and seeing what stuck. It was liberating. We had never played most of the songs as a band until recently.


Which track was the most interesting to write/record?

There is a song called “No sleep” which was the first song I wrote for the record. It was exciting along with a song called “You are the devil” [which] signalled a change in direction for both myself and the sound of the band.


What has the response of your audience to GLA been like?

Pretty great. Honestly, this is the first time I think I can say I didn’t really care as much what people thought as I really love the record, but it’s obviously an essential thing for people to like what you’re doing – we’re not naïve.


What were you most looking forward to with the release of your new album?

Playing the music and travelling the world for another round.


What was the most challenging part of creating GLA?

I can hand on heart say that there wasn’t really anything that was particularly challenging except for the expectations of Jacknife who produced the record. He believed we had it in us and he wouldn’t let us settle at all. Our musical rules and knowledge had to be traded in for spontaneity and soul at the studio door. It’s hard to unlearn habits.


You’re travelling to quite a few cities across Europe in the next few months. Where are you the most excited to go?

I love Barcelona and Berlin. The Scandinavian run is always cool too. Honestly, we have a good time pretty much everywhere we go.


Will you be coming back to South Africa any time soon?

We plan on coming back as early as we can in the New Year. Playing at Oppi last year was a highlight of our lives. South Africa is beautiful.


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