At the launch, Prof. Alet Erasmus, Head of the UP Department of Consumer Science, recalled the journey it took for the department to reach this stage. Prof. Erasmus explained that the talks on refurbishing the food labs had been in the works since 2010. Prof. Erasmus also recalled some of the milestones that the Department had overcome during the construction period. The construction process was started in June 2016 and completed in March this year, taking a total of ten months. Prof. Erasmus further elaborated on the new BSc Culinary Science degree that the Consumer Science Department will be offering, emphasising its uniqueness to Southern Africa as well as the various opportunities it will offer for graduates.

The audience was able to experience the potential of the new food labs at the launch. Using the new food labs, award-winning chef, Chantel Dartnall, together with the students in the Consumer Science Department stunned the attendees with a remarkable culinary experience. Head of food nutrition, Dr Gerrie du Rand said, “Culinary research is a growing area, which can be expanded with new facilities and modern up-to-date equipment”, adding that, “this puts UP at the forefront of culinary art and science training and enables future graduates to contribute to consumer food and services development”.

Lanadene Bron, fourth year Hospitality Management student at the UP Department of Consumer Science, said that there is an increasing necessity in keeping up with the world class standards within this field. Bron added that these facilities would play a role in producing great students, and will better equip all students within the Department in keeping up with and identifying with global standards.


Photo: Shaun Sproule.

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