UP has released a statement on the revision of the language policy. The statement lists four proposed changes to the current policy which students and staff are invited to give feedback on. The proposed amendments are:

? English should be the primary language of instruction in all lectures

? UP should promote multilingualism as a means of facilitating student success and building social cohesion

? Afrikaans and Sepedi should be used to provide additional support to students in tutorials, practicals and discussions

? Transitional arrangements will be put in place should the proposed amendments be accepted.

In an article on News24, Anna-Retha Bouwer, the UP media liaison, said that, “Extra security will be employed on campus tomorrow and the university will be open. No disruption to any academic activities, or any unlawful action such as violence or the vandalism of property will be tolerated.” UP also obtained an interdict late on Thursday evening preventing Afriforum, Afriforum Youth, and the EFFSC-UP from protesting on campus on Friday, 19 Feb. However, at the time of publishing, UP’s Hatfield and Groenkloof campuses are locked down, with no students or staff being allowed onto campus.


Photo: Shen Scott

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