The show opened with a beautiful rendition of some parts of the South African national anthem. The harmonising and the organisation of different voices combined beautifully to bring this story and the accompanying emotions to life. The audience was slowly brought into the story with the queen giving birth to uMandulo, the son of the soil. An energetic Zulu song immediately broke out and the audience erupted with ululations and praises for the dancers.

UP Ovuwa incorporates a variety of cultures from South Africa into their performances, and the dances and songs were a reflection of this. There were songs in different languages, such as Swahili, isiZulu, Setswana, Tshivenda, Sesotho, and isiXhosa. Some of the songs performed were “Mugume mubirindiro”, “Bambanani nathi” and “Wa ema, ngufun’majaze” – each with a story and a meaning that tied to a stage in uMandulo’s life. Through their concert, UP Ovuwa expertly showcased South Africa’s diverse cultures for Freedom Day celebrations.


Photo: Tshepo Moagi

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