Dr. Mamabolo started her tertiary academic journey at the University of Limpopo (UL) in 2004, where she graduated with a degree in Optometry in 2007. Having graduated with an MBA at UL in 2012, Dr. Mamabolo enrolled for her doctoral studies in Business Administration in 2013 at GIBS. Her degree had a special focus on entrepreneurship. Since then, she has been a full-time faculty member in the Research Division.

According to UP’s website, Dr Mamabolo is currently working on the GIBS Orbit Research Project, “which aims at building an understanding of how business is conducted in emerging markets, with a specific focus on Africa”. Furthermore, she is a published writer in peer-reviewed journals. Her review of Ian K. Alexander and Benson Honig’s paper on “Entrepreneurial intentions: A cultural perspective” in the African Journal of Management is her most recent publication.
Dr Mamabolo is quoted on the UP website as saying, “Being a woman means having immeasurable strength and ability. It means moving past stereotypes and expectations, embracing yourself despite them, and striving for a better future.” In her spare time, Dr Mamabolo is involved in outreaches and after-school programmes. She has a passion for female emancipation, as through her journey she hopes to “impart” her knowledge to other women.


 Image: University of Pretoria’s Facebook page. 

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