Prominent figures such as Lucia Mthiyane and Dr Michael Mol support Hearza, which is running a challenge called #CanYouHearThat. The campaign seeks to raise awareness for the early detection of hearing problems, which could ultimately prevent permanent hearing loss.

Nic Klopper, Hearscreen’s CEO, mentions in a Next Billion blog post that he wrote with co-inventor Prof. De Wet Swanepoel that “a collaborative project with a local NGO and an early childhood development funder, Innovation Edge, will see 10 000 preschool children being tested as part of a community-based screening program in a poor township outside of Pretoria.” Hearing loss is a global problem, with impoverished regions such as sub-Saharan Africa having up to one million people per single hearing care provider, according to the latest World Health Organization’s (WHO) multi-country assessment on hearing care.

Hearza will be released in partnership with the South African Association of Audiologists (SAAA) and the South African Speech Language and Hearing Association (SASLHA). 

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