According to the email, Kamlongera was willing to grant his assistance to the SRC in organising the event, on certain conditions pertaining to the reinstatement of a permanent personnel member as Rag Officer as in previous years. Shingange pointed out that such powers do not lie with the SRC. In the statement released by the SRC, it was confirmed that the SRC had received the resignation letter of Kamlongera. Shingange, SRC secretary Donovan du Plooy, and the SRC member with the media, marketing, and communications portfolio Nobungcwele Mbem denied Perdeby’s requests for immediate comment when contacted telephonically. According to Kamlongera, the Spring Day Bash is an SRC event and that all inquiries to should be directed to Shingange.

In an official statement released by TuksRag on social media after the publication of this article, TuksRag said that they have had no involvement in the planning of the UP SRC Spring Day Bash. According to the statement, the SRC allocated the organising of the event to Kamlongera, as the TuksRag ex-officio on the SRC. According to the statement, after the SRC had allocated the organising of the Spring Day Bash to Kamlongera, Kamlongera told the executive committee of the SRC that the Spring Day Bash was an SRC event, as it had been for the previous two years, and as such the Rag committee would not be involved in the organisation of the event.



Image: Tuks Rag Facebook page.

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