In a memorandum signed by Vice-Chancellor and Principal Prof. Cheryl de la Rey in November 2015, an agreement was reached to appoint a task team to look into the prospect of English being the only language of tuition at UP. SRC secretary Donovan du Plooy explained that the task team had provided information about the revision of the language policy but had not provided enough clarity on exactly what the revision entailed. “It should, however, be noted that as an SRC we strive toward diversity and transformation at this institution, in line with the national mandate of South African universities regarding transformation,” added Du Plooy.
Marthinus Jacobs, chairperson of Afriforum Youth Tuks branch, says that Afriforum sees the revision of the language policy as an attempt to hide under a veil of “inclusivity” and that there are more pressing issues which UP management should be attending to. Jacobs further added that Afriforum would like to remind Prof. de la Rey of a promise made in an agreement between herself and Afriforum on delivering and protecting students’ “home tongue [Afrikaans]” teaching to Afrikaans students at UP.
Jacobs also urged that the revision to the language policy be made more available to the public for increased participation and input from all stakeholders. Jacobs explained that Afriforum would like to see UP pursue a vision of a totally inclusive university, but that one language should not be dominant over another.
The chairperson of the language revision policy, Prof. Norman Duncan could not be reached for comment on the matter.

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