You’re no stranger to performing live and at festivals. What makes Mieliepop exciting for you?

The atmosphere and people, for sure. It’s so beautiful and the people are nice, and the line-up is so eclectic and I always find a band I’ve never heard before on the line-up, which is good.


You say your songs are inspired by observations about life, with hope as
a recurring theme. Why is this important to you?

Because I think I’m generally an optimist, and I’d like my music to reflect that. There’s already so much darkness in the world and I don’t want to take away from the gravity of that, but I like to see beyond it, and write about those particular experiences in light of the doom and gloom.


Given the nature of your music, what do you want to covey to audiences?

That life is good, and beautiful, and that our experiences matter.


Looking to the future, what does your solo career have in store?

More recording, definitely. And hopefully getting to play in more interesting places.


You’ve been featured on Jeremy Loops’ album, you’ve collaborated with Willemien Rust, and grew in your time in the duo Flint, meet Spark. It seems you enjoy working with people. What does this add to your music?

I love collaborating because you get to bounce off your creativity off someone else, and also get out of your own head- sometimes I get bored with my own way of creating, so working with other people means I get to jump in and experience and share the way they create. I also learn a lot in that process, and get to take it away in my solo time of creating and writing.


So far, most of your solo music has been released on your SoundCloud page. Do you have any plans to release anything soon?

Yes, my EP is set to be released on the 31st of March.


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