Geary’s love for music began at a young age. In grade three she started playing piano and at the age of 16 she started playing guitar. She also plays a number of other weird but wonderful instruments, including a small mouth instrument called a trompie, a didgeridoo and a rain-stick to name a few. “My mother loves different cultures and every time we used to go to a new place my mom would buy something traditional which normally ended up being an instrument,” she said.

Geary has learned a lot from the Idols experience so far, both musically and about herself. She was also faced with a tough decision before entering the top 16. “I decided to stop my studies and focus on the competition as I really do see it as a big opportunity,” she told Perdeby.

On 31 August the first group from the top 16 got their chance to perform for a spot in the top ten. Geary’s performance of George Ezra’s “Budapest” elicited mixed responses from the judges. Gareth Cliff called it too polished and lacking “any edge”. Unfortunately, Geary did not go through to the top ten.

Geary handled the judges’ criticism maturely, though. “The judges have always asked me to stay true to myself. When they saw it was too normal or not interesting enough they would let me know and that always keeps me motivated. The judges made me realise that I sometimes may seem like a ‘lazy singer’ and should work hard but not try too hard,” Geary said.

Image: Chante Geary’s Facebook page

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