The four-piece grunge band Last Chance Seattle is a grunge alternative rock band based in Johannesburg. Lead guitarist James Deacon is a first year BA music and psychology student. The band takes its inspiration from bands like Nirvana, giving it that distinctive Seattle sound, where the band gets its name from. Many fans have described Last Chance Seattle as the new South African Nirvana, but the band has their own sound and style. All four members are classically trained, giving them the ability to harmonise and work with the mechanics of the sound. They pride themselves on being able to challenge listeners as original grunge did. Deacon describes them as “the musical equivalent of being kicked in the face”. You can test this theory by listening to their music on SoundCloud and their Facebook page. They will be releasing a single, “Sophia”, early this year and a new album halfway through the year. Make sure you watch them at Slam Fest this year. Last Chance Seattle has often played in Pretoria, where Aandklas is one of their favourite spots.

The University of Pretoria Symphony Orchestra (UPSO) always puts on an impressive show. They often perform at the Leo Haese Lunch Hour Concerts, which are free in the Musaion on Thursdays at 12:30. Keep an eye out for their other events, which are advertised on Facebook. Auditions for joining the orchestra are held early in the academic year. One cellist, Luca Ferrara, tells Perdeby that the atmosphere in UPSO is “almost indescribable” as every time they meet they create a piece of art which is “psychologically tangible to every soul”.

Willemien Rust is a French lecturer at UP. Mixing Afrikaans and French, Willemien explores the interesting combination of the languages that allow her touch on unique lyrical and musical influences. She often works with other artists such as Adelle Nqeto–another UP student making waves with her music. Last year, Willemien won a national award at the Vrystaat Kunstefees for her production of “Twee Hartstale”. The music videos that accompany her music are breath-taking and the music itself appeals to a variety of tastes. Be sure to keep an eye out for her performances at various venues and festivals.


 Photo: Michalel Ridge.

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