This has led to backlash against the developer from gamers who were previously looking forward to the game, and have now hesitated at the prospect of paying $60 or their regional equivalent for such a short gameplay experience. But a video game that can be completed in a single sitting is not necessarily lacking in value. Valve’s Portal can easily be completed in under 10 hours, has little replayability and is linear in terms of its plot. Portal is widely regarded as a brilliant game, with excellent pacing and just the right amount of gameplay time, leaving players satisfied upon completion. However, Portal only costs R115. By cost to playtime ratios, Portal costs roughly R10 per hour, while The Order 1886 costs more than R100 per hour.

The big question among gamers is thus, whether shorter, more expensive game is worth it? The answer to this will differ from gamer to gamer. Currently, many reviewers are of the opinion that the game is worth at least one play-through based on graphics alone, while others reprimand its over-reliance on interactive cut scenes and lack of player control. Ultimately, the best course of action would like be to watch the play-throughs on YouTube and decide individually if such a short game is worth its hefty price tag.



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