According to the code of conduct, misconduct includes any action contravening instructions, regulations, rules, or directives by UP or contravening any instructions or requests by a person with the authority to give such instructions or requests. Further to this, a student can also be found guilty of intentional or negligent conduct if the name of the university is brought into disrepute, the maintenance and order of the university is compromised, or if teaching resources are in any way prejudiced.

“The university will therefore not hesitate to take disciplinary action against any student who is identified as having infringed the Disciplinary Code [for] Students,” explained Prof. de la Rey. She further emphasised that infringement of the code of conduct could result in “suspension or expulsion of students from [UP]”, of which the consequences could be a terminated academic career or even a criminal record.

Prof. de la Rey pointed out that UP has already made significant progress in meeting student demands and assisting those in need. 


Photo: Shen Scott

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