A great pair of jeans are a necessity.

Our bodies are all shaped differently and lucky enough, so are jeans. Some jean styles like a relaxed or regular pair suit most male and female body types. Invest in a really comfortable pair of jeans and you will never be pantsless in your time at UP. Go for something in a dark colour so that you can avoid doing laundry as much as possible.


An excellent pair of shoes will give you happy feet.

Never underestimate the amount of walking you will need to do on campus. Whether you are a dress shoe kind of guy or an easy sneaker kind of girl, your shoes should be comfortable and kind to your feet. Sniff out flip flop specials and stock up on them, no matter your gender, flip flops will become your best friend.


Elegant formal wear for those formal events.

Faculty and residence events sometimes require more formality. For these events, keep your favourite dress or suit on hand. Try investing in items you can dress down for daytime and accessorize to take into the night.


Be bold.

Your time at university is where you will discover yourself. Try different outfits, part your hair the other way, arrive on campus ready for onesie-Wednesday. It’s all about discovering your indi­viduality.


A plain white T

You can dress it up and you can dress it down, it is comfortable enough to sleep in and most importantly, you can wear it multiple days in a row without anyone noticing. Get a shirt that is com­fortable and durable. It goes great under a spagetti strap dress or tucked into high waisted jeans for the ladies. Guys can just throw it on with chino’s or a good pair of jeans for a sophisticated yet casual look.


Stylish gym clothes

Some runnings shorts and a tank top paired with your sport shoes will make you look healthy and class ready. It also gives you a great excuse if someone invites you to a social engagement. If people see you in gym clothes often they will believe you if you say you are going to the gym and won’t be able to make their commune rager. Already wearing gym clothes will also motivate you to actually go for a run or to attend that pilates class. This will help with the dreaded first year spread.


Illustration: Rhodeen Davies

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