How has the response to your debut album Calling for the Crazy been?

The response has been great. We had three successful album launches in Stellenbosch, Cape Town and Durbanville. The feedback we’ve received from our old and new fans has been positive. We’re touring a lot this year to get the album to as many people as possible.

How was it working with renowned musician and producer Wouter van de Venter on your album?

It’s been great working with him, he has shared a lot of knowledge and experience with us and we think it can be heard throughout the album.

Winning the Rolling Stone Rockstarter competition (together with Cortina Whiplash) made the recording of this album possible. What was it like to be crowned with the winning title and to have the opportunity of recording a full length album because of it?

Winning the Rockstarter competition meant a great deal to us. We got to play Oppikoppi, had a feature in the Rolling Stone SA magazine, a Kraken Rum endorsement and then to top it all, a full length album recording at VH Music and Publishing. It was a surreal experience.

In a September 2013 article titled “Should Ballistics Blue change their name” on Gary Cool’s website, Cool predicted that in two years’ time you will be “one of the top headlining acts in venues around the country”. We are now halfway there according to date, but does it feel that way to you professionally?

We feel very positive about our personal development and we can see the results of our hard work. We really hope to achieve Gary Cool’s prediction and definitely feel it is possible. We’ll just keep pushing it as hard as we can, and then keep going.

Was that article the catalyst for your name change this year?

Definitely, his article was the breaking point that lead to us changing our name. We have been thinking about changing our name, to broaden our horizons, for a while and Gary gave us the final push in that direction.

Does the name change have a better effect in drawing in your target audience?

We think so. One of our friends said having a genre in your band name is like getting your girlfriend’s name tattooed on you. A lot of people were labeling us as an “ou-toppie” blues band and we wanted to clear up the confusion and explore new territories.

You have quite a mature sound considering your young age. What effect do you feel this has on your audience?

We’ve been told we have a mature sound, we think since all of us in the band come from different musical backgrounds we create a unique sound which draws both young and old audiences.

You have played quite a few festivals, including Oppikoppi, but most of your gigs seem to happen in and around Cape Town. Are there any plans to expose audiences up north, in Pretoria for example, to your music on a more regular basis?

Since we all live and study in Cape Town, we feel very at home on the stages around here. We did a Gauteng tour last year in November, and an Eastern Cape tour recently with Shadowclub. It is always fun playing for new crowds and spreading our music. We will also be heading north soon, so keep your eyes on our Facebook and Twitter page.

What is next for The Ballistics? Where do you see yourselves professionally in the near future?

We are planning a few tours around South Africa. We are also uploading some new singles and working on a new music video. As always, we will also be working on new music to get new fans and keep the old ones entertained.


Image: The Ballistic’s Facebook page

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