These pressures do not always affect your physical well being but will impact your emotional and mental wellbeing – something that is often overlooked or made inferior by cultural norms and stigmas. Mental and emotional health is as important, if not more so, than being physically well. Your ability to do something is pretty straight-forward but your attitudes, decisions and reasonings are more complex and determined largely by your mental and emotional state. 

The most important thing the Perdeby Entertainment editor of 2013 told me was that you always need to know when you’ve reached your mental and emotional limit so that you can get up, leave the office. take care of yourself, and come back later to finish your work. It’s advice I’ve used many times – when everything is too much in the office, I get up, go home, relax, and tackle the challenge again the next day. But sometimes alone-time isn’t sufficient and I’ll need to vent or cry to a caring, listening ear too to completely deal with the pressure I’m experiencing.
From my experience, talking through your circumsatnces and feelings with someone you trust is hugely beneficial and good for you. The person I share with doesn’t always have to give me advice even but they always help me make sense of my emotions and circumstances. Talking things through can help me to see a clear way forward or even just help calm myself as I come to terms with everything.
Unfortunately we are often encouraged not to talk or seek a listening ear but rather deny we have feelings or pretend that we have it all together anyway. The phrase “We need to talk” strikes fear in many people as it is too often used in negative circumstances rather than at times someone is seeking genuine help and care. When we let our emotions and doubts build up, it can eventually get too much to bear with and this can result in use taking desperate measures to fix our situation.
You will see a couple of articles in this edition that deal with where to turn to in times of distress. I hope this comes in handy for anyone that may be feeling under too much pressure right now. As this month goes on, you may find yourself under pressure you never expected. I’d like to encourage you to talk about your circumstances with people you can trust. This may be a friend or this may be with a service provider on campus. Either way, taking small steps to unload the pressure is the best way forward.
If you are a fortunate individual who already deals well with life’s pressures, I’d like to encourage you to ask a friend how they are really doing. Offer a listening ear and a cup of tea so you can also play a role in reducing the stigma around sharing and talking through your pressures. Asking for help requires a lot of courage and sometimes you might just be the encouragement someone needs to open up and get back on track.
Happy days!


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