The SRC and TuksRag has been working to ensure the return and success of this year’s Spring Bash.

SRC President Mthokosizi Nkosi said that they (the SRC) encountered a few issues along the way but are happy that the students’ voices were heard and that they have delivered their promise. He commented that there was too much involvement from UP management, resulting in a lack of communication between TuksRag and the involved parties. They wanted the event to be racially integrated, which caused some budgetary constraints. “However, [these] problems will not jeopardise the event,” said Nkosi.

The Spring Day Bash, happening this Wednesday, will feature a diverse line-up to encourage students of all cultures to attend. The SRC told Perdeby that they encourage maximum student attendance so as to eliminate the possibility of the event being cancelled in future.

There will be two stages – the Main Stage and the Beer Garden – and will include performances from December Streets, Shadowclub, Locnville, Newton’s 2nd Law, Toya Delazy and DJ Fresh. It was recently decided by the newly elected primarias, chairpersons and the SRC that the TuksRes pre-Spring Day events would be cancelled. At a meeting held at the end of August, the residence representatives voiced concerns regarding the pre-Spring Day events and unanimously decided that they would be cancelled. Nkosi apologised for any inconvenience this may have caused for the organisers and coordinators.

According to Residence Affairs and Accommodation representative Bes Liebenberg, residence students do not want to compete with each other for ticket sales to their respective pre-Spring Day events. They would prefer to have one combined event where all residences can relax and have fun.

Residences were not sure whether the pre-Spring Day event would take place and made alternate plans. However, they did express appreciation to the SRC for the work that was done and said that they would support a similar combined event in 2013. It was announced and confirmed that all res clubhouses will be closed on 11 September 2012.


Photo: Charné Fourie

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