The Large Chemistry hall has an entrance right behind the Student health services and the Thuto building. Rautenbach hall is hidden away below the AULA (the big fancy building on the engineering side of campus), between Tribecca and Steers. The most hidden of all the venues, the AE du Toit Auditorium, can be found next to the Mining engineering building, on the side of the Natural Sciences 2 building. The Chancellors building contains the Roos, Te Water, Louw and Muller lecture halls.

Hopefully you will be spending most of your time on campus and as such you will want to know where the Wi-Fi spots with great signal strength are. (NB: Once you discover these places you will want to keep your phone and laptop chargers close all the time.)

The army jet right in front of Sci-Enza conveniently located near benches and trees for shade, has one of the strongest Wi-Fi connections on campus.

The Piazza is always filled with students for one reason only: Wi-Fi.

Spacing out during lectures has never been easier with the awesome Wi-Fi strength in most lecture halls. The student services centre (SSC), has great connection, you probably will not be hanging around in that building so the patches of grass in front of it are a great way to catch the signal and meet new friends.

Campus tends to get tiring and draining so you will need to chill and catch a few bites in the following places:

Oom Gerts – the chips are a student staple and you can unwind with a drink, or two. (Not three because you still have more classes to attend). The food court in the Piazza has cheap specials and a wide variety of stalls to satisfy a myriad of tastes and cravings.

For the res students the Kloostersall is the place to go. Day students may also load money onto their student cards and eat there. Students can load money at the SSC. For coffee and cake, head to Tribecca or Haloa. If all else fails you can eat your friends’ food. It is a great way to save money.

As a student, you will probably need to get some textbooks. Bookmark on campus can print out a quotation for you when you present your registration letter. Of course, students can buy books there, but they are slightly pricy for those with budget constraints. Do not discard second hand books, they come at low prices and serve the same purpose as brand new books. Just make sure the second hand book is the correct edition. You can get second hand books at Wizebooks: outside campus across from the main entrance on Lunnon road. Look for the dodgy looking container. Or you can buy second hand books from Protea books: In front of Sta-travels on Burnett street.

Campus posts: as you walk into the Piazza you’ll notice the notice board with posters of students selling second handbooks at really great prices, take advantage of these bargains.


Illustration: Rhodeen Davies

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