In my first year, I was perhaps a little too enthusiastic about beer towers and waking up under staircases, but I’ve matured a little bit since then. I’ve seen a lot at UP in the last two years of which the Fees Must Fall protests have stood out the most. I don’t know how this year will turn out and I don’t know if we’ll see protests or major disagreements.

Protest action has begun to define the university experience in a way. I would advise that regardless of which viewpoint you agree with, make an effort to listen to opposing viewpoints and be open to change. University is a period of growth and learning and while protests may or may not play a role in your experience at UP, remember that it should be defined by your successes in your academic, social, and external life.

As you begin the next chapter of your life make new friends, try new things and step out of your comfort zone. Make an effort to join some sort of a student structure, be it in your residence, in sport structures, your faculty house or even Perdeby. Engage in student life, this is a time you’ll never get back.

Also, read Perdeby weekly. As we enter our 79th year, we remain dedicated to bringing you the latest news, while continung to entertain you. There is something in these pages for everyone.

You will see that my editorial photo is one of me dabbing, because I’m a year behind the trends. Being old is hard, okay. I do have some life advice though. Do the things that will make the academics to be done, don’t get into a stranger’s VrrrrPha, and if all else fails (including you) spray some Doom on your test paper.

Welcome to the things. I say the things, because I still don’t know what happens here.

Huvasan Reddy

2016 Features Editor

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