Learning to cook for yourself (and cooking on a budget) could be one of the biggest adjustments you face this year. But planning your weekly meals can really improve your student life – from freeing up your time, to picking up your mood after a tough semester test. To help you get inspired for your food year ahead, we’ve compiled a list of YouTube channels and playlists that will keep you from queueing at Steers every day:


1. Brothers Green Eats: Mastering Student Cooking

Run by two American brothers, this channel describes itself as wanting to help people meet their “underage eating needs” and, with a massive subscriber count of 993 000, it definitely seems to be succeeding. Their playlist on mastering student cooking covers the three main meals of the day, advice on how to stock up your cupboards, and recipes that feature only four ingredients.

Recommended video:

Part 3 – Lunch. With five meals made from five ingredients each, if this video can’t motivate you to make more exciting sandwich variants than those offered at the student centre, nothing will. Bonus points for the cute intro song about student living.


2. Cooking4Students

This channel has 36 000 subscribers – making it the biggest student-specific cooking channel on YouTube. It covers everything from basics like scrambled eggs, coleslaw, and macaroni to poached pears, pies, and sushi. In spite of this wide variety of foods, the instructions are never pretentious and always easy to follow.

Recommended video:

How to Make Falafel Wraps. Sometimes you won’t feel like walking to Uncle Faouzi’s and honestly, who wouldn’t relate to cooking instructions that use the term “blendy stick”?


3. Student Mealz

With 29 000 subscribers and a new recipe every Wednesday, you know this channel means business. Student Mealz is run (and taste-tested) by two Belgian students who provide earnest and often funny commentary in every video.

Recommended video:

Hotdog with Some Stuff in It. A really simple recipe that features an amazing montage of frying sausages.


4. Janco Le Roux: Student Cooking

For some local advice, Janco Le Roux is a great person to start with. An engineering student at NMMU, his playlist on student cooking offers down to earth recipes that use ingredients from refreshingly familiar outlets. It doesn’t hurt to hear someone saying “mielies” or pricing the featured ingredients in a way that we can actually understand.

Recommended video:

The Healthy Spinach Sauce. The perfect way to feel better about living off of pasta every night.


Image: Rhodeen Davies

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