Café Barcelona
Our local music scene is definitely on the rise and if you prefer live, local acts then you should make your way to Café Barcelona. This café may take a bit of a drive to get to, but if you’re looking for a different experience or a chance to support our local music scene, it’s definitely worth the trip.


Moloko may be expensive to get into but it’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a good dose of hip hop. The club is quite fancy so you’ll need a pair of smart shoes and a collared shirt to get in, but perhaps it’s something to try when you feel like dressing up. With international and local hip hop artists on the playlist, the dance floor is always the place to be.


This bar is situated in Centurion and is a mecca for lovers of rock, metal and alternative music. Famous names in the local metal scene perform here regularly and the venue also offers pool tournaments and plays host to various album launches. 


Tings an’ Times
This bohemian restaurant claims to be an “Attitude-Free Zone”. Unfortunately this venue is not open to anyone under 21, but if you do make the cut be sure to try some of their African and Mediterranean cuisine. They host live performances by both local and international artists. If you’re a fan of reggae greats such as Bob Marley you can expect to find similar music here, although bands such as Zebra & Giraffe have also played here.

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